Sabtu, 21 November 2009

kabar pee wee gaskins

With the name of a serial killers, they try to get you a killer music.

Apa kabar Pee Wee Gaskins sekarang?
quite alright, everything works out normal, lg brainstorming mikirin konsep artwork cd dan nyiapin videoklip pertama.. cant hardly wait!

coba ceritakan tentang album kalian nanti.
umm kita mau bikin rilisan sndiri, mau tau statistiknya, semacam album percobaan (tp pastinya ga asal2an) just to let people know more about pee wee gaskins and tell them how do we sounds like, dan gimana tanggapannya, menarik dan memikat label yang bs bantu kita bikin rilisan selanjutnya yg bisa dijual worldwide dlm kuantitas yg lebih besar *wink wink*. albumnya bertitel “GO!” isinya 5 lagu + 1 bonus video

5 lagu paling oke yang lagi ada di playlist loe sekarang?
playlist gw pribadi (dochi)
1. four year strong – badabing! wit a pipe
2. :( (colonopenbracket) – cute
3. jack’s mannequin – dark blue
4. parade the day – american dream
5. sigur ros – salka

Rekomendasikan band lokal paling oke menurut kalian.
blablablast!, jw86, goodboybadminton, rocket rockers, hellostereo, ihcod agedas, erik indarto, thirteen, killing me inside, dll.. semua bisa dicari di myspace..

last words?
dorks never say die.
makasih interviewnya :)

Pee Wee Gaskins originally began as a solo project for Guitarist/vocalist/midget rapist Dochi Sadega on Ihcod Agedas. After swelling to a full line up, we searched the internet for a new band name that illustrates our musical personalities. And then we eventually tag the words ’serial killer’ to the search engine. we found ‘Donald Pee Wee Gaskins’ and the rest.. as they say.. was history.
Pee Wee Gaskins creates a uniquely infectious blend of guitar-mangled, multy layered, melodic rock and catchy synthesizer melodies reminiscent of early the get up kids fused with fall out boy, which cases our effusive pop punk influenced sound.
At the moment, us five-piece is currently recording to make ready our self-produced album, titled “GO!”.

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